About us

GreenHives Audio Singapore is an online audio compact disc selling platform. Since 2016,we started selling mainly collectable Indian Film audio cds which are rare in the retail stores.

There was always a lingering thought on why the Indian film audio tracks especially the 80s music having mediocre quality in comparison to western movie albums of the same era.

In the 90s, companies like Alai Osai (Malaysia) & Pyramid Audio(Singapore) revolutionised the quality of sound with their releases in cd format. Such brands are still spoken about for their superior sound quality.

Since then we were intrigued by the fact how we could do even better if given an opportunity publish tracks?

It has always been a golden dream to publish Indian film tracks under our banner. With the moral support from family and friends,
GreenHives Audio Singapore attained licence with The legendary Indian composer Dr Ilaiyaraaja on September 2018 to produce and publish his compositions in audio cd format.

We are thankful for this collaboration and would take this platform to produce the highest quality audio albums as we strongly feel listeners deserve more. We operate from Singapore and our CDs could be purchased only from our online stores www.greenhivesaudio.com 



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